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Monday, 8 November 2010

Write like a novellist

Well I have tried - this was the prompt from my latest class with Shimelle which inspired this

She lay in the semi darkness – the bed beginning to warm to cosiness as the wind -howling & wuthering in the darkness outside - battered itself against the roof & chimney – the cottage almost shook – but she knew that it was only her imagination, built into the hillside as it was, meant that was an impossibility! Hailstones spattered the skylight just over her head and the continually rising wind was beginning to roar – she had never heard it sound so elemental or loud before. The cottage felt like a small ark being tossed around on the “cloudy seas” from Alfred Noyes poem The Highwayman, as the storm raged overhead.
In her imagination she could see the bay – knowing that the sea would be churning as white horses gallupped into the shore before crashing in tumble of white water, blown spume and spray against the cliffs. Here in the safety of her bedroom – a little sanctuary from the wildness of the night - she was safe & warm – just her and her thoughts – a small smile played over her lips as she thought of Christmas plans before drowsiness crept up silently and suddenly she slept - - --

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Ladkyis said...

oooh, that's dead good that is, now I want to know what happens next!