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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Different twist - -

A challenge today to add a slightly different twist to my scrapbook journalling - since I had my recipe book out I took my inspiration from that. I can't claim that it is my idea - as I know I have seen poems?? or similar called "Recipe for a Happy Marriage" - however I made it really pertinent for us, as I listed what I thought had made our relationship work.

Take one boy and one girl
Add love – and mix well

Into the mixture - -
Add a large handful of liking
A huge scoop of laughter
Two handfuls of tolerance
4 listening ears
A large pinch of friendship
A spoonful of patience
A dollop of courage
A measure of trust
And a pinch of space to grow
Mix very carefully and share generously every day. Make it last - for always.

Result – me & you –still loving and laughing, still together, still happy in each other’s company
What could possibly be better than that?
I plan to include it on a page at some point - just don't know when!!

Thanks for stopping by. J x

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Sarah said...

This is so lovely xx