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Monday, 25 October 2010


The first prompt for true stories came today - and it was all about asking questions - an interesting start - and one of the options was What Frequently Asked Questions do you get asked?
Not a lot I found in my case - good job there are few other options to choose from!
I did manage to think of a couple of questions -
1 What made you move here?
2 Would you ever go back?
3 How long have you been here?

Not really very exciting but there you have it.
We had to scribble our ideas or answers in a note book as really this class is all about journalling and actually WRITING more - with a real pen or pencil and on paper!!

I do write my thoughts - but mostly on the 'puter. So I guess I will do as I am told and use a notebook. Off now to do just that - -so more later hopefully
Thanks for stopping by.
J x

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