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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Words - -

- - and True Stories - as Shimelle is running a new class starting on Monday! And of course I have signed up - don't I always??? Though recent classes have resulted in half finished projects - much to my dismay. I have never been brilliant at keeping up with the posting of my pages etc - but I do usually manage to complete an album - -somehow life is getting too much in the way of my creativity. And usually I am very much a "glass half full" person so actually I find I am quite down about it - I am also constantly tired and am no longer sleeping very well so maybe that has a lot to do with it. Better get a tonic I think! We have had a difficult couple of years with our son - maybe it is beginning to catch up with me.
On a more positive note I am looking forward to the class - I do love words! I rather feel my life is a little too mundane to make much of story though - being a creature of habit and routine doesn't make for very exciting reading I feel.
Thanks for stopping by.
J x

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Ladkyis said...

But being a creature of routine is essential these days. As for an exciting life, well, that's not all it is cracked up to be either. I have an ex D-i-L who lives her whole life as a series of dramas. Nothing is ordinary, everything has to be a three-act tragedy and that can be incredibly wearing to those who are simply trying to keep up. Children don't do well with continual drama