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Monday, 18 October 2010

Jack o'Lantern - - -

- - -and other such Halloween things - - We have been planning a small fundraiser for Crafty Corner and our other Library clubs - so on Wednesday this week we are having "Halloween in the Pumpkin Patch!" - - other wise known as the school library - - for Ghostly Goings-On! Actually it is just a cake sale - but heyho - you've got to make it sound good don't you? We do have Freaky Fingers and Creepy Cupcakes, as well as Choc-in-a-box so we think these treats might go down well.
We have hunted out a goodly selection of Halloween poems - and a few very interesting facts for the display boards - because here of course - it is Hop-Tu- Naa - not Halloween - - and our children carve turnips - not pumpkins.
The original Jack O'Lantern was very fond of turnips - indeed they are believed to have been his favourite food! and as our culture has some deep Celtic roots - - and very strong links with Ireland - - where Jack originated - - I find that old customs die hard. And trust me - - turnips are not easy to carve!!

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