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Saturday, 9 October 2010

October Afternoon

pale grey skies this morning, drifting quietly past  - and it had rained in the night but the forecast was for better - fortunately - as today we celebrated with a birthday tea. An incredibly  mild day - the still cloudy skies holding the warmth in. In the stillness we found ourselves driving into a golden day as we headed to our destination for Afternoon Tea. Misty; damp; hazy and quiet empty roads, and pale drifting sunlight as we wended our way across the island to Milntown - the sun brightening all the way so that we arrived in the most glorious sunshine. And though it is most definitely autumn - it was beautiful! The gardens of Milntown are a joy to see - so much still in bloom - yet that unmistakable scent of autumn in air - earthy, damp leaves, woodsmoke - whilst insects danced and flitted in the shafts of golden light from the suns rays.
There are fruits and blooms everywhere -colour abounds, russets, greens, golds, purples pinks and blues whilst espaliered apples line the paths and windfalls scatter the orchard, - and in the potting shed the aroma of the harvested apples was so appetizing!! The garden produce is used in the cafe and restaurant kitchens and since it is all grown organically no wonder the food  tastes so good!

We had the most delicious afternoon tea to celebrate S's birthday with a real traditional feel to it - delightfully dainty sandwiches, luscious cakes - lemon drizzle, chocolate slices, home made strawberry jam, cream filled scones! All served on a  3 tier cake stand with pretty china and pots of tea or coffee - lovely!! Delightful company of course made it a perfect afternoon! What more can one wish for at this time of the year.

Bannaghtyn - J xx

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