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Friday, 8 October 2010

The Scent of Water - -

- - and damp leaves, soil and smoky bonfires - - Autumn is really here - the days are shortening almost as I watch it seems - - and the days have started grey and overcast this week and then surprised me by turning into the most beautiful, crisp , sunny afternoon - - it's just a shame I have to work and can only see it out the door of the foyer. I can't even say through the window - since my office is in the internal space of the school!
Today though is one of those still grey days that this season can bring, atmosphere slightly damp, a faint smokiness in the air, an expectant feeling - yet tranqility abounds: "a season of mists & mellow fruitfulness" - I love the changing seasons!
And to day is Friday - yay - meeting friends after work for a social hour - then home with the weekend stretching before me - - - bliss!

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