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Sunday, 3 October 2010

A weekend drive

A little drive over the Sloc today - -
It wasn't a very prepossessing start to the day really as the weather wasn't brilliant - - but we decided to go out anyway. I'm glad we did - the uplands have put on their autumn apparel and are dressed in faded green and russet brown - - the day was the very epitome of autumn - a grey sky with occasional flashes of silver as the sun lit the clouds as they scudded by in the winds, sudden shifts on the sea and the hillside suddenly glowing as the suns rays turned the dull browns to glowing russets touched with gold.
We stopped off as usual at Fenella - for a stroll round the outer walls of the castle in Purt ny Hinshey before wandering up through the streets. I have never seen it so empty of people - it was a Saturday afternoon for goodness sake - where was everyone??
We called into a shop - and spent some time chatting with the owner - who told us it had been the same all year - no visitors to speak of - and those that had come in coach parties - -not impressed. I am not sure what our island's current government is about - it not about encouraging people to want to visit and return anyway - since they do little or nothing to encourage the travel operators to give either residents or visitors a fair deal on prices - or encourage SOME our hoteliers to offer quality, reasonably priced accommodation. It is such a shame as we have some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK - and a wide range of attractions to cater for every taste. There are times when I could smack them!!

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