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Friday, 4 September 2009

Wild weather

- - seems to have battered our shore this last week - and we seem to have had every season in one day on some days!!
I know that my island home is known to be windy - but we have never (since I came to live here anyway) had such RAIN.
The downpours have been frightening in their intensity! Water has been hammering on the skylights, both at home & at work, so hard that I was afraid the glass would shatter!
Yet it blows away as if he has never been - and we are again blessed with beautiful blue skies and scudding puffs of white fluff as the clouds skim across the blue.
The wind is shaking the tree tops and the leaves are falling in their droves - it seem autumn is already upon us and yet it feels like we have had no summer.
I am participating in Shimelle's Learn Something - - class again this year so here is one of the pages.

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