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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Another wet day - -

- - its truly dreadful weather today - for people that is! The rain is hammering on the skylight in my office and I am just waiting for it to start raining in - I know it will, so I have the bucket already in position!!
Today is the last day before the students return to school - then it will be manic for days!! I do love my job! Seriously I do - it is so rewarding seeing our students turn into young adults to be proud of - and there are so many more of those kind of students than the "more challenging" ones I promise you! I am glad I am not a teacher though - I don't think I could handle the constant testing all the time!!

It is the end of an era for me this term - as it is the first time I will have no child at the school - my youngest has now left and is off to University. I think it might be strange for a while with no 6th Former popping her head through the door saying "mum - I need - - -". I am going to miss her so much.But hey ho - life goes on doesn't it?
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