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Thursday, 18 December 2008

It's getting nearer - - -

- - to my trip to Munich Christmas market - and I am beginning to feel like a child on Christmas Eve, with that bubble of excitement in my tummy. I have been to collect some euros from the bank at lunch time - and got drenched on the way back as the heavens opened! I am hoping to get some traditional German Christmas foods from the markets - "pfeffernousse", and "Kuchen" - Hope I've spelled those right. I am planning my Christmas buffet on Boxing Day around what I can bring back, so plan to travel with a half empty suitcase on the basis that I can fill it for bringing it back home.I will of course have our cold meats that I have cooked myself(turkey, pork & a ham) along with pickles,chutneys & salad stuffs and trifle for pud - though I might also make Nigella's "Rocky Road" as it looked so delicious last night on TV - LOL!! Though this year I am going to be without my Chocoholic DD1 as she will be at the other side of the world - so maybe a chocolate sweet might not be needed. Actually on second thoughts I will not need it then as I won't actually have very many visitors this year at Christmas - I could do a bit of something for New Year's Eve perhaps.
Need to think about it.

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Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Happy Christmas Jennie...hope you have a wonderful time xxx