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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

It'sbeen a little - -

- - hectic!! I haven't had a minute to do any "me" stuff for a good few days, what with DD2 having school Christmas Concert, the school panto, driving tests(theory) - she passed - DH deciding he would wait til I put the Christmas Tree up THEN paint!!!!!!!, organising posting gifts & cards as the possibility of a postal strike looms and - - - I'm sure you can imagine. My Christmas Journal has lots of page protectors with notes and so on in them - but no pages I can upload. As I am off the the Christmas Markets in Munich on Saturday for 3 days, and Friday is my works Xmas party - M & D are arriving at my sisters for the festive season next week - I can't see many pages being done now til after the 29th!
Ah well c'est la vie!!
I have some great pictures though - for at least 3 of the prompts I have not yet done pages for - and hope to have some wonderful Christmas memories to add from my trip to Germany.

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