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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Oh Christmas Tree - -

- - oh Christmas Tree -
I haven't got mine up yet - but I do so love putting it up - maybe I'll be able to do it on Saturday - hopefully anyway. Ideally I love a real tree - there is something about the scent of the pine/fir tree that is just Christmas to me, though we didn't have real trees when I was a child - I think only the "comfortably off" could afford real trees when I was growing up - unless they grew their own of course. I do know that when mum could afford it she got a real tree - and I can remember the scent as I walked in the house from school (Senior School). Magical!! Totally magical!!
When I first had my own tree it was a small artificial one - and my cats licked ALL the glitter off the baubles!!! which I only discovered when I took the tree down to put the decorations away on 12th Night.
Now I have a real tree - which goes up at different times - when my children were small it had to be up in time for B's birthday (17th) - now its the most convenient weekend - since I am ashamed to say that I have enough decorations to open a shop - - so it takes me quite a long time to put up my tree!!!

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