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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Preparation prompt arrives - -

- - for this year's Journal Your Christmas - as you probably know I am playing along again with Shimelle and a host of other great participants from right across the globe. The board has been buzzing with anticipation awaiting this first email from Shimelle - we - grown women - are all like children waiting to see Santa - just bubbling with excitement. I first did this class in 2006 - so this will be my third Journal! I can't thank Shimelle enough for designing and running this class - because it really has made Christmas magical again for me. I have always loved Christmas - as a child I remember spending most of December with a permanent bubble of excitement in my tummy - and felt the same way when my children were little as well, in anticipation of their faces on Christmas morning - but as they all became young adults - it wasn't quite the same, yet I do still love Christmas.
However - thanks to this class my delight in Christmas time has returned to childhood levels - and f0r that I raise my glass (metaphorically speaking - it is only 8.30 am here!!)and say Hooray for Shimelle and Journal Your Christmas.
I am really proud to say that I did manage a finished product - all be it that I missed out a couple of prompts in 2006, and that when I was invited to join in again in 2007 was also able to produce a passable Journal of my season - even though I didn't manage ALL the 37 prompts. I love both of my journals - I think they might be my favourite scrapbooks - as they certainly are looked through more often than any other!
So - - - once again I am Journalling My Christmas -- Why you ask? because I love Christmas - - for all the hustle & bustle, all the preparation, all the shopping for gifts for my loved ones. I really enjoy wrapping my parcels - making them as pretty & special as possible for my own very special people, making mince pies on Christmas Eve - with all the memories it brings of doing the very same thing with mummy as a child to doing the same with my children, planning my menu for Christmas Day, decorating my home with my Christmas Village, putting up the Tree - - candles. school Christmas Fayres, writing my Christmas letter & my cards, travelling home in the dark to see fairy lights appearing in windows and outside homes as other families start their own preparation, listening to Christmas music - going to the special Candlelit Services, being with my family, enjoying foods and drinks that I only have at Christmas time, roasting the turkey & pork, Christmas Crackers, party games, silly hats , walks after Christmas Lunch, High Tea on Christmas Day, Boxing Day presents and so many other small special traditions - - all make this the most magical time of year. My Granny, Grandad,my mum & dad always made Christmas Magic for my sister and I - -I try to do the same with my family - my husband, my daughters & son - I hope I am succeeding - - - that mum and gran would be proud of the way I carry our family Christmas tradition forward before it moves on to the next generation - -and of course I can always dream of a white Christmas - Can't I?
If Christmas means just as much to you - why don't you take a peek here http://www.shimelle.com/classes/389/journal-your-christmas - - play along too?

All for now Jx


Trees said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - I am hoping there aren't two Guinevere's on here! - it was actually quite a hard question to answer, because there are so many reasons. I am really looking forward to seeing how different all our journals are and being inspired by this little global community.

Trees x

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Jennie it's great to be able to read your blog again! missed you lots.