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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Oh so dark - -

- - this morning when the alarm went off - and it didn't get much lighter going into work.Such an ominous sky - - - very, very gloomy - the kind you see in horror movies when the heroine gets abandoned in a spooky house somewhere!
Needless to say - the heavens opened just after I got into work and the rain came down in bucket loads!! Yet now it is a beautiful autumn day - with blue sky and sunshine - a little breezy to be sure - the wind is scooting in across Scarlett and over the playing fields - but I have just really enjoyed my walk into town to get a wee bit of shopping. Managed to get another Christmas present as well - which is a real bonus - at this rate I won't need to go into Douglas to shop at all, just to absorb a bit of Christmas atmosphere - so will avoid the pressure and it will just be fun!
I have been making Christmas tags today for the Craft Club gifts for all our members - and hope to finish them later - need to go an root out my crop o dile from Crafty Corner to punch the holes.
Also made this star book which we are doing with out crafty corner girls on the last day of term. Hope they will like it.

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