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Monday, 18 February 2008

February 18th

Monday again and back to work,
Woke this morning to a very heavy frost -a real Here we go round the Mulberry Bush day. So COLD last night - we rarely get frost here so I had to take a few pictures of the school garden when I came in.It always looks so very pretty - in my eyes anyway. I have got my last swap to post - Of course I forgot to pick up my packet to take to the PO - don't know where my memory has gone - I seem to have mislaid it - If you come across it - please send it home - I miss it so!! Please let today be the day my memory returns!!
Christine is not well - so no crafty corner today for our youngsters as the library will be closed at lunch time. Pity as I think it the the best bit of my week! Next week eh!

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