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Monday, 4 February 2008

February Dawn

- - at long last it is beginning to be a little lighter in the mornings. I think it is the only thing that got me up today - the scrap of daylight I could see through the skylight as I have been battling a dreadful cold for days - it seems like forever!! My head still doesn't feel as if it belongs to me, my eyes are puffy, my nose is running like a tap and I am achey all over - just your normal cold really as you can see!
Never mind I have still managed to "play" -all but one of my Fat Book pages are almost complete, I completed my Hopes & Dreams ATCs and have got them back from our host - love them to bits ladies - thank you all! I have still got a Winged set to make and some 6x6 backgrounds however I am very relieved that I was inspired to do my pages in the 2 Stars & a Wish CJ when it first arrived - all I had to do was stick it all down and it is now packed up & ready to post. Just need to email the photos to our overseas members.
DD2 has been across (as we say here) to a rock concert with her friend to see "Paramore" - hope I've got that right - so DH & I have had a very quiet weekend, and I could curl up in front of the fire and nurse my cold in between crafting a bit. It is our monthly Crop tomorrow - so I do hope I feel a bit more alive then.
Shimelle has a new challenge on her blog which I find very appealing so I must have a go at it and I really need to get back into scrapping more photos - I have gone off the boil lately - since Christmas really I suppose - I have so many empty albums - I really must get some photos in them!
Anyway - to get back to the light - the sky over Gansey Bay this morning was beautiful - pale and golden pink like a soft peach and the bare branches of trees silhouetted against it were stretching long fingers towards the rising sun - almost like praying. The sea birds wheeled and soared just over the high watermark, also silhouetted against the creamy gold and the waves rode into shore with white horses on their backs - no sign of the heron today though. Not much warmth in the air yet - and in fact very icy elsewhere on my island and there has been an accident on the mountain road, so I hope no one is hurt. We didn't get much snow though!

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