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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Monday 3rd December

- - I didn't get around to posting on my blog yesterday so have to play "catch up" to show my pages for the Christmas Journal. This is the entry for the prompt - which was Christmas Cards and how we feel about them. I do have my first card of the season - from Grace & Max in California - but yet again I am behind with my own!! So no change there then!! My own fault - I should do my Christmas letter sooner I know - but somehow December creeps up on me unawares - then I get horridly busy - and the time disappears!
Never mind I have made my page - and here is the text -
Cards - December 3rd 2007

I have been thinking about my Christmas Cards – I have made a few this year – not like me as I usually don’t have the time these days. Not made many though – so need to get my act together! I have always liked choosing cards for my family. Mum & Dad: Doug, Lydia Ben & Rhiannon: Rose, Carl & Imogen- and when I was small of course Granny & Grandad.
I always got “special” cards for them – and still do of course, some things will never change. I love “special” or “different” cards and have a couple that mum sent to the children when they were much smaller that I still use as Christmas decorations. I wonder if the children will want them still when I no longer want to decorate for Christmas. I don’t think they have inherited the nostalgia gene – so maybe the cards will eventually be thrown away. Sad thought – at least it is for me.


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