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Sunday, 2 December 2007

December 2nd - -

- - and I have the second prompt in my inbox from Shimelle's "Journal your Christmas" class. She now has 1000 + participants - how cool is that?? It was one of the most enjoyable things I did last year during December and so I am determined to keep on track as far as possible again this year. Here is today's effort - and my text fom the tags. TFL
Wintry Weather?? - - December 2nd 2007
Christmas weather – what can I say about it?? I have such mild Christmas weather now I live here on Ellan Vannin – a truly green Christmas - but still my image of Christmas is always that of a crisp, cold day, just a light dusting of snow – only enough to make everything white I hope you realise - with a pale winter sun making that snowy frosting sparkle like diamonds, children building a snowman, Christmas trees on dad’s shoulders and shop windows – the bow fronted variety of course - all alight & shiny and inviting – full to bursting point with Christmas Fare!! Charles Dickens & the Victorians have a lot to answer for - as I have their rose-tinted image of Christmas in my head when ever I am asked about Christmas weather, yet in my world, Christmas is usually green – wet & cold even – but green.
However I love the delicate beauty of snowflakes, the fact that no two are ever the same, that sometimes they drift down as gently & softly as a feather floating from the clouds yet on other occasions can seem to tumble out of the sky, as if there is no tomorrow, in a mad scrambling flurry, spinning, swirling eddies of white, turning the world white & stormy then covering the earth in a soft white blanket. Waking to the light on a snowy morning has to be a gift from above – it’s magic lingers in my memory from childhood. I certainly remember snowy days from then – using the coal shovel to dig out daddy’s car so he could go to work! Does it ever still snow like it did then? Not in my world now – yet I do remember snow on the island – when Castletown was cut off only a couple of years ago. I was on my way to work in Irving’s car when it was announced on Manx radio that the school was closed and we should all go home – so Irving turned the car round and home we went. The children arrived about an hour later!

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