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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Thursday - Isle of Woman

Rhiannon was very busy last night helping to run a Disco in school for Lower School (Year 7 8 and 9) to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. This weekend is The Isle of Woman Festival on the island and there are lots and lots of fundraising activities going on. We are all "Thinking Pink" from the local radio stations to the smallest business, schools both primary and secondary, large stores and small shops - all are involved.Our Sixth Formers made us very proud last night - they have worked so hard organising DJs, "pink" refreshments, negotiating with the Head and the Site Manager for the school hall, and persuading staff to come in to help them supervise and so forth.
They raised over £600 - I am so proud of my girl and her friends!

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Jane said...

well done Rhiannon, why is it we always hear the bad things about youngsters when there are so many good young people around.