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Sunday, 21 October 2007


I am having a crafty day - I have the house almost to myself - Ben has gone to stay over at Siobhan's,Rhiannon is in her room and Doug is out climbing so I am busy making a big mess on the kitchen table with glitter and glue averywhere!! Such fun!!.I have finished my Christmas tree ATCs for the swap I am joining in. Here they are ready to post - which I will do tomorrow. Hope they will be OK - I am always ever so slightly apprehensive when I make something for a swap - in case it isn't good enough or that the recipients will not like my art work. Especially so with ATCs as I don't have any of the ATC art stamps or anything really that fits with "altered art" which I know lots of ATC collectors do and have! If you understand what I mean.
I really have to thank Jane of the Design Collective for "de mystifying" ATCs for me, and giving me a huge amount of pleasure and fun making them. TFL

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Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

these are so pretty, you've sure got the atc bug LOL... sounds a perfect day!