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Wednesday, 6 June 2007

TT Week

Well the Island has been invaded by 100s of visitors - bikers of course - from all corners of the globe - to celebrate the 100th TT Road Races. Lots of things going on of course. We have had our very own "music festival" - the Peel Bay Festival - which was opened by our own Back Door Slam, who were supporting The Who.We also had Robin Gibb, Bonnie Tyler, McFly and others (can't remember them all!) We went to the Stranglers & Madness concert, and my sister took my niece & her friends to the Sugababes - so it seems to be a success. Maybe we will get something similar next year.

Everywhere I look we seem to be wall to wall bikes, and though I am not remotely interested in bikes (no Biker Chick me!!) I do like the atmosphere the visitors create. Here are just a couple of my attempt at action shots from Senior Race day.

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scrapdolly said...

How fab Jennie

My Dad did the TT races once - he was great friends with a man called jeff Duke whi was a chapion I Think - long tome ago