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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Playing Catch up!!

Well I haven't had time to visit my blog for a while and actually publish anything!! Just been so busy - I don't know where the weeks have gone!! To Kim - thanks for asking - real life has just got in the way a bit!! Decided I really had better do a bit of a round up - so here it is - catch up!!!
14th May - - and a day spent on working on the Prom photos.It looks like its just as well that I took loads of photos of our kids - as yet again the OFFICIAL photographer has let them down!!!! Last year this company LOST the memory card!! This year they didn't take many photos!!!! Instead of a book full of pictures there are 4 sheets of A4 proofs- and some of our children are not even on ONE photo!! It makes me so mad!!! For some of our youngsters this is probably the only time in their lives they will ever be dressed as formally as this and they ALL look so beautiful. A small fortune has been spent on dresses, suits, Dinner Jackets, spray tans, nails, hair etc. At least one of the girls took a cleaning job to earn the money to pay for the dress she wanted to wear!!!!
They get so excited about their "prom" and it is a topic of conversation for the whole of year 11 - my photos are "snaps" that I want for the school plasma screen and the photo archive I keep of all the events & activities the school is involved with, and I know they are not up to professional standards, even though I might be pleased with them - but at least I have a picture of every one of them!!
Photo Workshop
I have signed up for Cheryl Johnson's Online Photography Workshop - I really want to improve my photography skills - then I can get really good photos of the prom - and the school can dispense with an "official" photographer!!! LOL at the thought - I only have a compact digi camera - who am I kidding!! (I am quite pleased with some of my "snaps" though)


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Great job with the photos! It must have been so disappointing for the kids that the pros let them down :(

Are you doing Cheryl's course this time around or next time? I'm LOVING it :D

jjjourneyahead said...

so happy to "hear" from you...i was getting worried....photos are great. lovej

Kim said...

Hi Jennie,
So happy to hear you've just been busy and everything is fine. So sad about the photos; the poor dears! How fortunate that you took some.

I love how you describe where you live. My ancestors are from that same rock in the middle of the Irish Sea.


Scrapdolly said...

I was worried about you and missed your entries. I lookt o your blog for that peaceful thoughfulness when life is too hectic.

The prom pictures look fab - I wish we'd had a prom when I was younger.
Good to have you back blogging xxx