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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Prom Princess

My beautiful DD2 in her prom dress!
Well I think it is time to record a few thoughts about my DD2's prom. Though I say it myself - she looked BEAUTIFUL!! As did all our other young people - once again they have shown us that they "scrub up well" as the saying goes!!I had the afternoon off to act as Ladies Maid!! and believe me I DID! I painted nails - toes & fingers, did the hair - which took 3 hours!!!!!! Rhiannon's hair is waist length, and straight!But what did she want for the Prom - Curls of course. So out came my old fashioned curling tongues (the VERY narrow variety) and off I went, creating ringlets worthy of any Victorian Mama! Though I say it myself- the mummy did good - to paraphrase Sylvester Stallone (I think) LOL. Then a quick spin (like Wonderwoman!!!)and I became Make Up Artist to the Stars! Doing not only Rhiannon's make up but also her friend Sammy's - Dad's taxi whisked me down the street to Sammy's house - where once again I painted a very pretty face with just a soupcon of eye shadow to highlight another beautiful pair of eyes!
Truly it was a pleasure - and to add cream to this rather hectic afternoon - I went to the Prom, saw them all arrive and then snook in at the back - as a supervising staff member!!! Stayed on the Staff table - except when I acted as un official photographer. I will add pics later!So many now to scrap!!
Not only that - they all went on to an "After Prom Party" going on from 11.30 til 4am! However it was with parental organisation, in the barn of one of the local farmers (his daughter Rachel is one of Rhiannon's friends), invitation only, bouncers (local farmers!!) on the doors. overnight accomodation or cars home - dependant on where they live and disco! Since we had to provide home contact numbers to Mr & Mrs C - we agreed she would be allowed to go. I understand it was a success - with no trouble of any kind - and I have my sources - you do in a rural community!!


Scrapdolly said...

She looks lovely - so elegant

jjjourneyahead said...

she looks gorgeous! hair is so pretty...what a lady! hope she had fun. love j

hayley said...

Hi Jenny,
Rhiannon looks so beautiful, I hope you all had a great night, can't wait to see your album.
see you soon

Kim said...

Hi Jenny,
I've been enjoying your blog so much. Your art is wonderful. I noticed you hadn't posted in a while and I'm hoping everything is fine.