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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Sunny Thursday

Been on the "When I Grow Up" boards today and Tree had posted about wanting a middle name - which triggered a memory I didn't know I still had - when I was about 5 my parents moved us to a new house and living on the avenue already was a lady with a daughter with the same name as me - Jennifer - for some reason best known to herself she seemed to think my name was Jennifer-Mary - and that is what she called me. I do remember asking mummy why Mrs G called me Jennifer Mary? So I got an unwanted middle name. I can't remember when she stopped adding the Mary - when her daughter became Jenny and I stayed Jennifer I suppose - its still a mystery to me though!
There were children on the beach today as it was such a lovely spring day, playing with buckets and spades and paddling in the sea, mum sitting on a towel and they seemed to have a picnic with them, swimsuits drying on the deck chair - at least that is what it looked like from my vantage point - which triggered another memory - those swimming costumes that were rouched cotton - very popular in the fifties I think - do you remember them - I remember it making me feel itchy when I was wearing it and wanting to take it off and put my clothes back on! LOL at the thought - wonder what I am thinking here? Wish I could ask my younger self - I know I used to love being at the seaside and still do - which is why I am where I am now I expect.
The sea was shimmery silver in the bay this afternoon and I suspect the ice cream parlour has opened for the season. The daffodils are all open on the cliff and were bobbing golden heads in the breeze. All the sheltered corners of the headland and the beach were taken by the sun worshippers, and the Brews were full of the youngsters from school with their radio controlled cars, so there was a real holiday feel to the village today, specially as there are several vehicles from "across" parked on the promenade.

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