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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Nostalgia Genes

Shimelle's new class has just started and it included an audio message which talked of a "nostalgia gene" - I guess I must have one - in fact I know I do, I am the most dreadful squirrel for bits and bobs of memorabilia - doesn't everyone collect theatre tickets, programmmes, cards (special ones) - ribbon from chocolate boxes long since emptied, keep letters, and dried and pressed flowers from special bouquets? LOL since I know they don't!! I have the menu card still from my sister's Wedding Breakfast - but would be completely surprised to find she still has a copy of it!! I don't have anything like that from my own Wedding Day - since our wedding was a very informal affair - and I have nothing "formal" at all in that line. Just a head full of memories that ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. However I digress - I am supposed to be thinking of childhood memories LOL :):)! as the class is called When I grow Up. It was thinking of a nostalgia gene that distracted me totally.
It's got me thinking anyway - I am blessed with nothing but happy memories of my childhood - my parents gave me and my sister the most precious gift of all - their time. There wasn't much money around - but we had all we ever needed and when I look back my childhood is lit with gold. However to Shimelle's prompt
Just a selection of random memories have surfaced - - What did I want to be when I grew up?
1) at 3 I was going to grow up to be Cinderella and marry Prince Charming
2) at 9 I was definitely going the find the Far-Away Tree, own the Wishing Chair and be a Prima Ballerina
3) at 11 I was going to go to boarding school - The Chalet School, or Mallory Towers either would have done!!
4) at 15 I wanted to be a novelist and a teacher - I was going to stay on at school, get my O-Levels and go on to teacher training college - I did stay on til I was 16, I got the O-Levels - but not enough of them - and I was too lazy to go back to resit those I needed. Instead I drifted into the world of office work in the Civil Service and I never have written that novel - I will do - when I grow up!!!!


valerie said...

Your story has bought back so many meories for me oh how I wanted to find the faraway tree and take a ride on the wishing chair, go to boarding school with the twins grow up to be head girl. I did get to be a prefect but that is as far as it goes i think the school were a little bit disapointed with me never did fulfill my potatial but it has taken me 42 years to be in the job I love and qualifications just don't come in toit

Latharia said...

Ooooh!! Ooo!! Sign me up for the search for the faraway tree ... and let me have a bird like Kiki, too! :D