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Monday, 2 April 2007

Shopping Trip

Not one of my favourite ways to spend my day if I am honest - but it was essential! My youngest daughter Rhiannon has her "Prom" coming up in May and we really had to get some shoes for the event! She mostly wears flat ballet shoes in black for school - like most of her friends, trainers (her Vans!) on all other occasions, so has no high heels or "dressed up" shoes - she wanted something pretty I know - but as she was very uncomunicative about what exactly - I was dreading this shopping trip - she hates shopping even more than I do! We need the shoes so she can book her final fitting for "the Dress" - so off we went!
It turned out to be much more successful a trip than either of us imagined - Hooray for Next is all I can say! They had just what she wanted and also some very pretty jewelry - delicate and youthful - that is just perfect for her and the occasion - and as we found a beautiful evening bag in Curpheys in the right shade to match her dress she came home one very happy girl! Mum's pocket is a lot emptier of course!!! but heyho - a prom is a special event in your life and you're only 16 once.
It was a lovely ride into Douglas as we have really beautiful spring weather now; a whole weekend of it so far, so I do hope it lasts. The fields are a patchwork quilt of green, honey brown, creamy coloured clay divided by strips of golden gorse. Birdsong fills the air and in the distance the sea shimmers and sparkles as the sunlight bounces off the water scattering diamonds everywhere.
We lunched in M & S and I managed to find a nice skirt and a couple of tops for me as well, so all in all a successful shopping trip! I won't need to go again for weeks!!! LOL.
So excited to get on line as I have the Design Collective to look forward to - classes are to be sent out tomorrow !! Yippee - and I have also signed up for Shimelle's new class. I also have a batch of prompts from my friend Jamie for our Celebration Journal, so I have a very busy fortnight ahead!


Latharia said...

Wonderful photo!!! :)

I am still on the fence about Shimelle's class...kind of wiped out after a whole weekend of scrapbooking! :)

scrapdolly said...

Love those shoes - they are so pretty

I have just finished my first DC class and I am also doing Shimelle's class too - nice to be doing it together again x