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Thursday, 29 March 2007


R had a hospital appointment today (she has an invisible brace, which secures a tooth that she has had re implanted) - just a check up and now longer needs to go again for 12 months as the treatment is really helping! This was good news indeed and the x-ray showed the bone has definitely attached itself to the jaw successfully. Gary (her orthodontist) was very pleased with the progress.
We have had interviewees in at school today to look round and maybe one of them will be K's replacement. I am curious to know how it went as we left at lunch time to come to the hospital.
Coming home again it has turned into a Manannan's cloak day - the mist has come down with a vengeance and the grey, lowering clouds are full of rain, and by the time we reached PE it was raining properly.
B has been for a job interview as well but was unsuccessful.

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