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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Day

D came back last night from his holiday with his brother & friends so today he was all mine! He has taken me for a ride and we have had a lovely day out. We have been blessed with glorious weather so stopped off at Niarbyl (the Tail of the Rocks) Manx National Heritage have the site and are developing it , and sadly they have demolished one of the buildings - well I think its sad anyway - I think they have chosen to just keep the crofter/fishermens cottages, however this was a tourist spot in the heyday of Manx tourism and there used to be a 1940s/50s prefab type building which looked to me as if it had been a shop and cafe.I just feel that this was just as much a part of the heritage of this beautiful place as the old cottages are - so I feel sad it has gone.
Getting back in the car we carried on our way and we have enjoyed a stroll round the castle in Peel and a lovely walk in Mooragh Park around the lake there. We did intend to have our lunch in the Park Pavilion cafe - but it was really full and it seems we should have booked - LOL at that thought - since we didn't know we would want lunch there!!! Instead we went to our usual venue! It was good though so it didn't matter.
After lunch we made our leisurely way home, stopping off at Port Cornaa and Lonan Old Church - St Adamanan's - It is a tiny chapel on a hillside -and was once the parish church for the village - it is more of a keeil really, and is much loved as whenever I visit I am stunned by the beauty of the flower arrangements inside this tiny building. I have no photos sadly as my memory card in my camera was playing up - and I stupidly forgot to put in a spare one! The Manx Wheel cross in the churchyard is awesome and there are a few other examples housed in a small shelter at the bottom of the churchyard - though these few are not so well preserved.
All in all a lovely dat out.

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scrapdolly said...

Oh I did enjoyt hat trip today - I am seeing your wonderful island so clearly through your eyes