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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Back to normal

Work again today for me :( Still it wasn't too bad, the engineers were in dealing with the installation of the new server, so since I only had to BE there - I printed out all my Design Collective PDFs, Shimelle's prompts so far for my class with her, When I grow up, some texts for mt Celebration Journal and some Big Picture Scrapbooking stuff so have come home with loads of inspiration! And tomorrow there is a new mailing from the Design Collective!!
Have had a lovely Easter break - the weather has been truly beautiful all the week I have been off and I am so grateful! The sun has brought my garden into bloom and the rest of my island too! I was stunned to find my bluebells opening - I still have my daffy-down dillies in full bloom - and never before have they both been in flower at the same time to this degree, whilst my flowering cherry - is just beautiful. In the Glen, not only are the bluebells opening - but so is the ramsoms (wild garlic) - alongside the narcissus, daffodils, and celandine, ragged robbin, white campion and violets!so many of these flowers are at least a month earlier than usual - just shows what a week of sunshine can do!!
Have just been for a walk along the glen and though it has been a cooler day today and rather overcast, I love the quality of stillness that these greyer days bring, the light is completely different and the bluebells colour is turned to purple against the lime green foliage of the leaves. They are scattered in clumps amongst the ramsons, which carpet a huge swathe of the glen floor with their spear shaped leaves, and white bells, only equalled by the celandine with its golden stars. Only further along the glen do the bluebells take over as a carpet of blue and green, and here the heady perfume can take my breath away. Not tonight though - still not enough blubells open for that -yet I know it won't be long before it does.


jjjourneyahead said...

so happy that your place is in bloom...still waiting here, although i did buy some pansies to plant inside for now. working on a package, hope to ship early next week. lovej

scrapdolly said...

sounds like a very productive and inspired day

Fancy you due for your 21st anniversary in May as well. 1986 was obviously a good year for weddings. x