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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Thursday - and its beautiful

Driving in to work this morning it was so beautiful - we are in for another glorious sunny day I am sure. It was high tide as we passed Gansey Bay this morning and the sun had turned a whole section of the bay to silver - and swimming gracefully in this pool of truly amazing light were three swans - it was like something out of a Chinese or Japanese picture - so tranquil and gracious - its the only way I can describe it.It was like I had been given a gift I felt so uplifted. I walked through the doors to work floating on air. Wonderful! My only regret is that I don't have time to take a photo as I pass by.
I finished at lunchtime and went for a delicious lunch at the Sound with Stella, where we were seal watching as we ate our food. The views of the seal colony at Kitterland are excellent from the Sound Cafe - and though the new building was very unpopular with the locals when it was built - the design is fabulous - a huge circular window looking out across to the Calf of Man and even the food is good these days!
Still gloriously sunny when I got back home so I sat in the garden with coffee and a magazine - so civilised LOL - I could do this every day:)
I will just end this post wishing my cyberfriend Dolly and her DH Nij - Happy Anniversary fro your 21st Wedding Anniversary - 1986 was a great year fro weddings - Its our 21st Wedding Anniversary too this year!

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