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Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Cold and bright today. Beautiful blue sky with puff balls for clouds – all whizzing by as it really is very windy! The bay at Gansey was a silvery lake this morning when we passed, and the harbour in Castletown just glistens with diamonds as the sunshine bounces off the water. My kitchen had rainbows dancing on the walls this morning from the prisms and crystal hanging in the window – the first time I‘ve noticed them this year – a good sign as it means the sun is greeting my garden earlier and earlier each day. I think we do the clocks this weekend?? Not really looking forward to losing an hours’ sleep as we “Spring Forward” – but heyho – that’s life!
Some fabulous inspiration going on, on The Design Collective I mean. The fabby team has come up with some truly fantastic ideas for storing the PDFs we will be receiving as subscribers. I am definitely going to do at least 3 or 4 of the designs – if not all – each one is different so far – even though I don’t usually decorate/alter my folders. These are just so inspiring and attractive –do have a look if you get chance.
Hayley came round last night and we put together our final plans for the crop on Sunday. I hope it will be fun for everyone. We are teaching a class, and have a swap challenge, and a few ideas for spot prizes as well as allowing lots of time for scrapping our own stuff!! At least that the theory - this is our third all day crop – and they do seem to be well supported. We have 16 of our members coming, and would probably have had more if we had been able to give them a bit more notice. As it was we arranged this one a bit at the last minute as we didn’t want to go into the Easter Holidays; a lot of our ladies are teachers or work in schools in other roles - so may are off island at Easter.

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Latharia said...

Oh, I love hanging prisms in windows that make rainbows flash everywhere!!!!! :D