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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The First Day of Spring = Computer Chaos!!!

Well it was a beautiful first day of spring - blue sky, sunshine, dancing daffodils, lambs in the fields. Everything as it should be for the time of year - until I reached work and then - - -
What a chaotic day it has been at work today! Our main admin server is not a happy bunny - it keeps on shutting itself down - and giving us no clue as to why!! Absolutely zilch in the logs - only one thing has changed - a new piece of software installed a couple of weeks ago - and the problems start from there( I think anyway) not sure the the engineers I have called in agree with me - but I think its significant - just doesn't FEEL right . I'm not techy enough to explain better than that - and bless them - the lads that come out often know how I mean, so put up with my "feelings"!Causing enormous problems in the offices and the kitchens as well as for the teachers and their registers!Can't save stuff back to the server, the secretary couldn't get to the weekly newsletter to print it out. lessons didn't get worksheets printed - you name it - we had it today. A (my colleague and fellow support worker in the IT office)and I are completely frazzled! Boy am I glad to be home!
Anyway - enough already! I have made my first ATC, did it last night whilst D was out and added a bit more in my latest journal - forgot to take them in to scan so will do that and upload a pic tomorrow. Its for our swap at the all day crop this weekend, on a theme of spring. I am a real "newbie" as far as ATC's are concerned so hope they will be OK. I'll have to wait and see. My journal is coming along nicely - though I haven't got a lot of completed pages - just lots "in progress" LOL. I am trying a different way of working though, by doing the same section on each page - IFYSWIM?
Seems to be coming together - so I'll stick with it for now!
So cosy in the cottage last night, I sat by the fire to work as the ATCs were so small - I love how I never feel alone in this home of mine. Even though the family were all out at the time, the soft ticking of a clock, the hum of the rayburn from the kitchen, the crackle of the flames and the soft whush sound as the wood settles as it burns are all so companionable - I don't need any others sometimes. It was a lovely couple of hours - peaceful and refreshing - I always feel rejuvenated after a a spell on my own in the house.

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