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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Oh how I hate computers!! - Sometimes anyway!

22nd March
So hard to wake this morning – and it is a grey day today, though not raining at the moment yet it has obviously rained very hard as the roads are all wet, as is the gravel in the garden. Rain does bring beauty with it though, as it is only after rain that I can see all the myriad colours the gravel is made up of – slatey blues, smudgy browns, chocolatey browns, rust reds, honey yellows and the glistening white of the quartz. In the hedge the ivy is a deep, shiny green as if is has just been polished and the new shoots on the fuchsia – so small as yet – are bright, lime green and bursting with vitality whilst on the earliest of my flowering cherrys the leaves are bursting forth like blossoms. I catch a sudden movement from the corner of my eye - Jenny Wren can be seen flitting across the garden, and under the bench Robin Redbreast seems to be busy pecking through the leaves – grub and worms brought out by the damp perhaps? It’s lovely to have them here anyway – sharing my garden this way with the little birds is pure pleasure – a gift to me that belongs on my gratitude list in my journal.

More problems with our computer system faced me when I got in to work – so frustrating as I am sure I know what is causing it – the software added a couple of weeks ago – which is causing conflicts I am certain. Not been a good day workwise so now I am really tired. R is not very well bless her,she is feverish and very flushed - yet she is still fretting herself to flinders about her coursework deadlines.

I did remember to take the ATCs I made for the swap in to scan , so here they are. I know so little about them that I am not even sure that I have should call them ATCs - just that they are that size! More like mini collages I think. Hope the swapees like them! On a craft note - Shimelle has her new class details on here, so I think I might sign up again. I do enjoy her classes and do have COMPLETED albums to go with them!! LOL


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