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Friday, 23 March 2007

A First Spring Day

Woken by the sound of birdsong – the blackbird I think, such a delightful ripple of music pouring from his throat, trills and chirrups put together in his own inimitable way – as only a blackbird does – liquid gold for the ears. An absolutely beautiful morning – clear blue skies, with not a cloud in site – a glad to be alive day - a truly fresh spring day with just a hint of breeze making the daffodils dance in the school flower beds. The drive in with D this morning was not long enough – it was just so beautiful, the sun turning Gansey to a sheet of silver – a very low tide this morning as well, so not many gulls around, just a couple - soaring overhead in graceful swoops, and as we passed Kentraugh I was quite shocked to realise that their daffodils were actually going over and are past their best – and it's still so early in the year. We are still getting the odd very cold snap – only for a couple of days at a time I know, but we have had sleet, snow and biting winds in the last 2 weeks, so for the daffodils to be looking so dead is a bit disconcerting. Crazy seasons!

A cold night last night, so I didn’t do much except curl up in front of the Chollagh with D and a blazing fire. The scent of wood smoke filled the room with its gentle fragrance, the flames flickering gold, green, purple and hot orange and the embers glowing red. It was so cosy and peaceful – my home wraps me up in its arms, metaphorically speaking, and I feel so safe and warm. I love my cottage so much – it is the most romantic house I have ever lived in, and it fits me like a glove.

I have done all the preparation now – at least I hope I have – for the spring all day crop on Sunday, just need to think about my own stuff now LOL – have no idea what I am going to do!! Collected the key at lunchtime when I went for the salad boxes for our lunches. Have printed out some pictures and a some journalling to go with it but will have to see what inspires me.

Oh so excited - just got a test email from the Design Collective - everything is moving forward as we get nearer to the start date!!

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scrapdolly said...

I love that I can come to your blog and lose myself in nature and beautiful words - it ALWAYS inspires and refreshes me

I am excited about the DC as well LOL