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Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mothering Sunday

Here we are = half way through Lent and it's Mother's Day - sent my mum some flowers and they have just arrived. Says they are beautiful. Lydia is to come down from Doolish today. Rhiannon has to work - she is doing a split shift today as the cafe will be busy being the day it is.
Very wild and windy and the waves are crashing in as it's high tide- they are just a constant flurry of galloping white horses, rushing and swirling - the spray stings my face and my lips taste salty!! Been along Bradda Glen on my walk- the wind is strong now and they have forecast it to get stronger and bring hail and snow as well - borrowed Ben's camera to take a few pictures so hope some of them turn out.


kinderkelly95 said...

I love the way that you describe the waves. I can almost taste the salt on my lips.

Latharia said...

Still more snow? I thought flowers were coming out for you!