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Thursday, 8 March 2007

A beautiful morning -

Sunshine and blue sky on the way in today, though the sun is still so low in the sky that it is makes driving difficult as we drive straight towards the rising sun. Very low tide in the bay yet there is just one patch of water shimmering gold as the shafts of light from the suns rays stream down like the spotlight on an old Hollywood film.
Heartbreaking news when I came in – one of our year 10 students – Eleanor – died last night in Alder Hey Children’s hospital. She has been ill for a considerable time – and the doctors and specialists didn’t seem to know what was wrong as she seems to have been referred to so many consultants. As you might imagine the school is flying the flag at half-mast and everyone is very subdued and down. Living on a small island as we do, everyone knows everyone else, have family links, are close friends and as her family is a well known and well liked part of our southern community we have a lot of distressed and absent children. Her younger sister is a pupil here so it has affected a wide part of our school community, not only Ellie’s year group and as a staff we are deeply upset. Life sometimes seems so very unfair, she was a lovely, smiling girl, popular with both staff and her peers – she will be deeply missed - God must have needed another angel. I will have to stop as I can’t see what I am typing through my tears.
On a brighter note – I had a lovely email from Artsymama – I took part in the Spring Swap she was hosting, something I have never done!!! I have been a little apprehensive hoping she would like the mini book I made – and this morning checking my email was one to let me know it has arrived safely and she DOES like it – such a relief – I am never sure that my work is good enough – or would be liked by others (as in some ways I will admit to being very conservative in my artistic taste – I really do like fresh and pretty – though not too “cutesy”. I know I don’t think of myself as arty in any way and very often don’t “get” some of the “Altered Art” stuff I see around – am I’m getting old perhaps!!!) I think I NEED to do something creative tonight – still feel quite down.

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Flapsi Hapsi said...

So sorry to hear about your student, these things never seem to make sense.