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Monday, 5 March 2007

Wild and Windy Monday

A wild, wet and windy day today, huge banks of dark moody grey clouds rolling across the sky suddenly spouting squalls of rain - splattering, stinging cold water in my face, the wind whipping my hood off, and my hair across my eyes – no sun anywhere and the stinging rain and rising wind make it hard to make any progress across the street! I get back to work feeling quite breathless, battered and bruised (metaphorically speaking) as if I have just gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!!

I have actually felt quite cold all day, so was glad to see Doug was lighting the fire already as I got in. The wind is wuthering in the chimney tonight as I sit in front of the fire typing this and I think I am finally warming through.
This is page 2 of my latest scrapbook/Journal. I had to include these photos on the second - this is the birthday gift I sent to Jules - who celebrates her second birthday on the second of March.The colour has not come out properly - I need to scan it I think so will try to remember to take it into work to do. The page is pale green and yellow with a couple of lavender coloured accents. Because the first 3 days were so springlike I titled the page In like a LAMB - laughing now at how wrong I seem to be!

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Flapsi Hapsi said...

How lovely are these lambs? Gorgeous.