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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Glorious Sunshine - and pressies!

It has turned in to the most glorious morning. The sky is blue and the sun shines so the world looks doubly beautiful today. We have driven into Doolish to get stuff Rhiannon needed and all the Manx Hedges are crowned with gold. The daffodils and gorse are in full bloom, and primroses peep shyly through the grass and as we pass by the flowers dance and curtsy in the breeze as if waving to us like royalty. In the distance the sea is a gleam of silver and sparkling diamonds - a day that makes me feel glad to be alive.I should maybe explain that a Manx hedge is a dry stone wall which has turf laid over and down both sides and is often left to Mother Nature to colonise in her own inimitable fashion - with sometimes a little assistance from the Commissioners and farmers whose land they are on. They are one of the delights of a spring drive anyway.
When we got back there was a package from America waiting for me - from Barb on the Fancy Simple blog. Really scrumptious goodies as my little prize for a Trendy Tuesday entry.I will try to upload a picture (blogger isn't playing at the moment)later. I haven't done much with the quotes this last week or so - so must get back into the swing again. I find it makes me think and is fun.


Barb said...

You're very welcome for the package. How fun to see it on your blog.

(I haven't done much of anything with the quotes lately, either. I need to get back on the wagon.)

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Just found your blog, and enjoying the descriptions of the Island. Making me a little homesick!