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Friday, 2 February 2007

Inspiration form Scrapdolly

Driving in to school this morning, the sky was sort of pearly in front of us and the moon was a huge silvery ball hanging low in the sky – almost like Trollbead!!! (Any UKS members out there?) The light was so beautiful – and as we rounded the bend on Gansey there silhouetted against the pearl of the sky was a hen harrier – suspended motionless just over the beach! One of those moments that takes your breath away.
It was a lovely start to the day – and made me feel that maybe the darkest days of winter are truly behind us, especially as when I went out for the lunches, the sun was shining, in a blue sky with tiny cotton wool clouds scudding by - and they have promised us this for the weekend too!!
It has been a little hectic at work today, as we had no electricity to the power sockets the classrooms across the corridor, (which of course means that the teaching staff can’t use the projector). As the projectors are ceiling mounted now in a lot if the classrooms many staff use their laptops for their teaching – so this was a major problem for the first 2 lessons today! We were rushing round like headless chickens I can tell you – hunting for caretakers, electricians, ladders etc to get to the boards to see what had tripped out and why!!! A much calmer afternoon – and anyway IT’S FRIDAY – my weekend starts here!! So now to weekend things!

Scrapdolly has put a class on her page class on her blog, and last night I downloaded the instructions and have taken it as my inspiration for this page.
My page is 8x8 as it belongs in the Greece family holiday album, so I was unable to use the whole design but I have tried a new technique (for me anyway) of cutting the flowers to overlap the photo and I am so pleased with the way it has turned out.I used the blossoms and ribbon as well but not in quite the same way as Dolly has done.I don't really have room for such a great title or as much visible journalling but I like it and am afraid I might spoil it if I do much more. This is a rare recent photo of my son – he hides from the camera these days – the papers are 7 Gypsies, with Angel Kisses flowers and Dovecraft brads. Hidden journalling gives all the information about time and place, which is Rhodes in August last year on a family holiday.


scrapdolly said...

Jennie I LOVE - totally and utterly LOVE - what you have done witht he class page. I love those flowers and it looks just perfect. Thank you so much for doingt he class.

Your morning - well the driving bit not the chaos electrical bit - sounds just magical. Everytime I read your blog I feel all inspired by the beauty that surrounds you

Eleni said...

Wow, lovely layout ... love what you've done to it ... and it works sooooo well!!!