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Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Another page

Another grey day here today, though I think it has warmed up a bit. Today I also got the bead I had ordered from A String of Beads. I can't post a picture yet as the beads are gifts for my daughters, one of whom is here as a little girl. She's grown now! It has been really busy at school as we are a teacher short as one of them is off ill. Although I don't teach - just do Network support -- it makes it so much busier in my office when one of them is off.
The weather was damp when I went out at lunch time, though not raining properly, and has stayed that way. Manannan's Cloak has been spread over us today. Legend has it that it hides the island from enemies and therefore prevents invaders landing, as land cannot be seen, so Manannan Mac Lir, the Celtic God of the Sea spreads his cloak and mist descends on us! I don't dislike these grey days - soft weather the Irish call it - and I agree with them - all colours are muted and softened, and everything always seems so much quieter than usual when its misty.

This is another page in I have in my special scrapbook. The papers are HOTP and I just love the Heritage feel of the Layout. I have added a few pages to my slide show from this album.



Flapsi Hapsi said...

We're having one of those grey days too! Love the lo of Lydia.

Latharia said...

Your weather sounds downright mystical!

scrapdolly said...

What a lovely soft and gentle page
I love the story of Manannan's cloak - beautiful and it makes the weather sound mystical and dreamy rather than here where it is just tupperware.