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Saturday, 3 February 2007

Sunny Saturday

I woke today to the most beautiful day. The sky was really blue with no cloud to be seen anywhere and the sun shone in all his glory. The sea turns to turquoise in days like these, (not Caribbean Turquoise – more peacock colour), the hills are green and russet, the cottages white and the sky blue so that it is easy for me to see where they got the inspiration for the Manx Tartan. I had a lovely walk this morning round the glen and down to the village and the snowdrops were out in earnest. Foolishly I didn’t take my camera with me so here are the snowdrops in Lonan Churchyard.

They nestle at the foot of the most beautiful (in my opinion, anyway) of the Manx Crosses and the only one which is still in its original setting. There are some very ancient carved crosses which were scattered in churches and keeils all over the island, which were removed from their original setting to Maughold Churchyard. To be fair, many of the keeils where they were standing were derelict so it was seen as a way of preserving them for future generations – and it is great to be able to see them all in one place, but I have to admire the parishioners of Lonan who fought to keep their cross where it has always stood!! Particularly as the chapel is TINY and only used occasionally – probably like many small churches in rural areas; and here on the island the community it served for centuries has moved and now the chapel is at the end of an empty lane, as all the buildings have gone! A lovely tranquil place to visit – I do love these hidden treasures we have scattered round the island countryside! One day I will do a scrapbook page about the Crosses.

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scrapdolly said...

I love reading these descroptions of yours - I can see it so well from your words ..... and it is beautiful