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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

SWAPS - and winning

Manannan has his cloak spread wide this morning and we are drowning in mist – fog even - as I cannot see the sea as we drive by Gansey on the way in to school this morning. I always expect to hear the foghorn on mornings like this – but of course it is no longer operational – I miss it so – such an evocative sound, its deep horn was such a feature of the winter months when we first came here and I liked the way I knew it was misty and foggy before actually getting outside. Just a glimpse of the heron in flight this morning before he was swallowed by the fog and I certainly couldn't see his sentry rock as the mist was so dense here at the bottom of Fishers Hill. I am sure it will turn to real rain later as it certainly looks that way, and what the weatherman has forecast for us.
Life in school is full of vitality though - Our music and drama department are putting on a performance this term and the poster based on a competition we ran in school was printed yesterday and looks great. I have also been playing with a design for the programmes for the Drama department – which was fun for me to do. I have used a little bit from every entry in the poster competition, to make a border for the back of the programme and add a little detail in the inside pages – and though I say it myself it looks quite good! I do love the variety that my job offers me. These are just a few of the little pictures I have used. The are all the children's own work - and all lower school at that.
Came home today to find I won the fun Trendy Tuesday spot on the A Fancy Word for Simple blog. Thanks to a comment by Latharia for the comment otherwise I might not have known - I am totally stunned as I haven't actually posted much - though I did mean to link more to it as I have found the quotes really thought provoking and enjoyed reading others views on the same quote.

One of my mini books which I am sending to Artsymama in exchange for her artwork. I have never joined a swap before so I do hope she likes it. She is a very talented lady - extremely artistic and creative. I have enjoyed making it and took Spring as my inspiration.


Latharia said...

Love all the drawings ... and happy to give you a heads up on your Big Win! :D

jjjourneyahead said...

awesome...congratulations:) love j