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Sunday, 14 January 2007

A Sunny Sunday on the island - -

- - a beautiful day today, though quite a cold wind. Beautiful blue skies and puffs of cotton wool scudding across the sky, the sea is all sparkly and twinkly in the sunshine and the beach is empty!!Love these solitary moments in time - I get back to the cottage with my head fizzing with new LOs for my scrapbooks - which usually only get finished in my head!! have so many that I want to do but just know I'll not make them! I am finishing the Ornamental Memories album I signed up for with BPS site. I only printed out my photos this week, and I feel that the design is a little too simple for me - but it has come together quickly and I really like the idea of scrapping my Christmas Tree ornaments and telling their stories.Anyway here is one of the pages. TFL

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scrapdolly said...

I think the design is lovely

Sorry you are having problems with my new blog
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I do hope so - I would love you to visit