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Saturday, 6 January 2007

A little trip out.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
-Henry David Thoreau

Take some time today to notice the details. Look at the simple things in your day and see the fancy. You might be amazed at what you notice.

This Quote is from A Fancy Word for Simple and when I saw it I knew I would try to apply it to one of our drives. Anyway I tried to apply it to today and really see the scenery as we drove.

Doug has taken me for one of "our drives round the Island" this afternoon. The very first of the year, and it is some time since we have been out like this. I always enjoy it so much, whatever the weather.
Today was bright, with blue skies when we set off - but as soon as we hit the Sloc the soft feathery fingers of mist drifted across the road, floating by almost, and as we climbed it thickened steadily until we were unable to see the hillside and crags or the road in front of us.It always amazes me how mist turns the world silent, mysterious and other worldly and deadens all sound. But low & behold - as we reached the top of Cronk-Na-Eary-Laa - it just vanished as if it had never been and there we were, in the sparkling blue again! - and bright sunshine making the moorland green and fresh, the brown, drying fronds of bracken are a bright russet, and the yellow gorse flowers quite golden and is filled with colour ! I love my Island world - so much variety in so small a space!!
Dropping down into Purt Ny Hinshey, the sea was dancing and sparkling as the sunlight hit the waves , and we stopped at Fenella beach car park and walked round the castle,looking for the seals before strolling up to the town to call in at The Bonded Warehouse - a favourite Antique/Collectables centre. Nothing for us today though, so back to car and on with the drive! The picture is of the harbour and you can just see the castle in the background.
The coast road on this western side of the island is very much our favourite route. I love going through the villages and past the "Big House" that is Bishops Court before coming in to Rhumsaa. We stopped at the Swimming Pool Cafe for a snack and cup of coffee before venturing into the town to the shops. I like the shops here very much, it is a small town with no "big names" from the UK High streets, so has lots of independent shops - a great bookshop, and delish fancy goods shop (The Tide)that is a feast for my eyes and the Craft centre has goodies in it that I can't get from my nearest Craft Shop so I have come home with some bits & bobs for scrapping! Doug also found a sports shop with stuff he needed, so he came home happy too! Altogether a lovely afternoon.

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jennie...sounds like a great day:) sending out a package on Monday for you...love jamie