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Thursday, 4 January 2007

Still playing Catch up with the journal

I have completed another couple of pages for the Christmas Journal - here they are. On the 23rd Doug spent the bulk of the day chopping wood, so had to include it in my journal somewhere. I gave me the chance to include a favourite poem anyway. I do need to do another page for this day as it is my eldest daughter Lydia's birthday so will finish that side tomorrow. The other picture is for the 3rd Jan, and the prompt was to pick ONE moment from this Christmas & write about it. I chose the look on my son's face when he was given his present - he just wasn't expecting the gift we gave him, which was digi SLR camera - as his birthday is also in December it was a "joint" present.Thanks for looking.

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Latharia said...

Love your flowers & rounded corners! :) Thanks for the email explaining psychic mind reading ... I have a friend that would LOVE this!!! :)