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Saturday, 2 December 2006

Scrapbooking weekend

My beloved has gone accross - as they say here - for the weekend - which means I can leave ALL my crafting stuff OUT!! So much more time to scrap that way!! I hope to make a good start with my Christmas Journal today - may be work on the covers. I have finally decided that I will MAKE the book myself! I do have a 6x6 K & Co Xmas album - which I love - but I think I will use it for the Ornamental Memories class I am doing as well. Hope I haven't given myself too much to do!
Promise to self -
If I make good progress - I WILL upload here though I don't suppoes many will see, and to the communit
y space, where hopefully a few will see. Not a problem, as I am doing this for me - surprising how guilty that makes me feel - is this female conditioning or does it just come with being a mum? Wish I knew!


jjjourneyahead said...

Jennie? Is that your name? thanks for your comment on my blog....so excited to be taking this class. would love to hear about life where you live....where exactly are you located? jamie

scrapdolly said...

I will look out for your page on the community blog of it ever lets me in

Enjoy leaving your stuff out for a while x