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Sunday, 30 August 2009

- - and today we have

- - basking shark in our bay! So cool - they are truly awesome creatures! I think that as there were 2 of them it was probably a mother & calf as one did seem a smaller one, and was really very close in to the shore. Only just off the rocks on Spaldrick beach. I get such an uplifted feeling whenever I see them - though usually all I can see is the fin above the surface of the waves. They do seem to circle round in a particular area feeding and can often be there for hours. I seem to see them more when the waves are a little choppy - not wildly windy but not flat calm.

I do feel bad as it is such long time since I found time to update this. I really am a bad blogger recently - but life has got in the way somewhat and I haven't even been very creative either!
Never mind - life goes on and I shall try to do better.
I do have a couple of reasons to blog about as I am in the middle of finishing my last class with Shimelle and a new one starts tomorrow in which I am already an alumni - It is September so that means Learn Something New Every Day!
I have been very poor about sharing my craftwork in the last year so must get back into the habit!
I will try - promise!!!

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