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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Senior Race Day

- - is the day we usually go to watch at least one race in the years TT races. This year was no exception. We had to find a new spot to watch from though as our usual place was no longer available. We did find somewhere with some atmosphere - and a tea stall!!
It really is very scary the speed those bikes travel at - and sadly there was another fatality on the last lap of the last race. The riders get tired I think - after all 6 times round a 37 mile course at over 100 miles per hour must be pretty draining - and a lapse of concentration at those kind of speeds is all it takes. I can understand their fascination with racing - it must feel like flying - but its not for me - and I hate the waste of life! But the TT Races is something the island is very proud of - though I am sure there will be more calls for the races to stop as there usually are after accidents, and lots of those who live on the course find the road closures slightly more than just a nuisance!
Living in the South as we do - we are much less affected.

Spent some time crafting when we got home finishing ATCs for swaps & trades so that was fun and gave me a pick me up as it always makes me feel down when I hear of accidents.

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