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Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Perfect Christmas - -

- - a view like this outside
- - warm & cosy inside
- - delicious food on the table, glassware gleaming in the candle light
- - family & friends around my perfectly decorated tree
- - love & laughter in the room
- - Christmas music we all enjoy playing softly in the background
- - children with "candle eyes" as they open the perfect gift

Christmas is always like this - in my dreams, yet surprisingly often a little of that perfection creeps into the room - usually when I least expect it - when just one of those "perfect" elements is mine for a fleeting moment in time, captured like a snapshot in my head, and when I find that picture coming to mind I smell the cinnamon, the pine, the wood smoke and delicious roast, I hear the music & laughter & see the glittery decorations of the tree as firelight flickers - reflected in the baubles. Once it was the children with eyes like candles opening the perfect gift as, once their awe as they attended their first Christingle service. Another year all my family were there - I even remember a white Christmas, and once upon a time I had crystal glasses.What will this year bring?


Sharon said...

Gorgeous picture and as I expected beautiful journalling too.

Anonymous said...

I love the way your journalling made me feel like I was there with you at Christmas! Have a Happy Christmas!